Jeff Bohen
Born & Raised in Brooklyn, New York. 42, years old single, no children.  
Living in Pennsylvania since 2000. Lived in Louisiana for a year- Yes its a strange place Temple University-Broadcast Journalism, scheduled to graduate Spring 2012.  Since Feburary of 2011 I host and produce a radio show called "Run Down" on Temple Student Run Radio WHIP. Its a News Talk show with edge. Were scheduled to be back on the air in July. Prior to that I wrote for BuxMontNews.com covering everything and anything.  Since the early 90's I've worked the Behavioral Health System of 4 States (NY, PA, LA, NJ) providing services to those seeking recovery. I'm heavily involved in the recovery movement of the commonwealth. Appointed by Bucks Commissioner's to be a Consumer Representative on the Bucks County Mental Health/Developmental Programs Advisory Board June 2010.  Earned a AS Degree in Mental Health & Human Services from Kingsboro Community College in 1994.  I've head a lot of life experiences. Some good, some bad, and many others  in between. I'm passionate about journalism and music (I've been singing and writing songs since I'm 16) education, am a registered democrat that believes in the inclusion of all.  I'm not religious by any stretch, and fanatics turn me off entirely for a whole host reasons. If you ask me what religion I am, my response is 'A Jewish Boy from Brooklyn.' The response is more out of respect for my grandfather's memory than anything else. I was very close to him. and like to think much of the caring and kind part of me is his influence.  I still sing, and through the internet I'm involved with recording project with a friend from Philly.  In terms of what I think is important in news -community wise, anything about community and public affairs gets my attention. People doing good things and "paying it forward" are always of interest to to me. There can never be enough of those kinds of stories.  I ride the Warminster SEPTA Line and often get my ideas for stories from community that rides the train with me on my way to school. Worst Mistake Ever? I dropped out of HS at the age of 16. You know someone thinking that, please e-mail me, its my biggest regret in life and the only way for me to feel better about it is share the what an idiot I was for doing that.  I'm direct, have no time for non-sense, don't suffer fools or self-proclaimed superstars, and more than well read on a number of topics.  I hope you enjoy my contributions to the site.  Jeff       I
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