Electronics Recycling Drive Underway to Benefit Council Rock Schools

Bins for the items to be recycled will be located in all schools and the Chancellor Center. The drive goes through March 14.

An electronics recycling drive to benefit the Council Rock Education Foundation is now underway and will go through March 14.

Members of the public can recycle old cell phones, iPods, laptops and tablets. All proceeds will support the Education Foundation and the Council Rock Green Team.

Bins for the items to be recycled will be located in all schools and the Chancellor Center.

Accepted items include: cell phones, inkjet cartridges, laptop computers and netbooks, iPads and tablets, iPods and MP3 players, digital SLR cameras and lenses, digital cameras and camcorders, handheld game systems, game consoles, range finders and sky caddies, GPS devices and radar detectors, ebook readers, mobile hotspots and MiFi devices, 4G USB air cards and graphing calculators.

All items will be recycled safely, according to organizers.

Larger electronics such as TVs and stereos cannot be accepted, but can be recycled at Staples.

The Council Rock Education Foundation is an independent 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting innovative education programs in the Council Rock schools through an annual Teacher Grant program. 

Over the past five years, the Education Foundation has awarded 53 grants and more than $84,000 to teachers and classrooms throughout Council Rock. 

To learn more about the Education Foundation, visit www.creducationfoundation.org .


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