CR South Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

The high school will celebrate its 10th anniversary with in-school activities on Friday, Oct. 12, an open house on Saturday, Oct. 13 and a mosaic mural.

In 2002, Council Rock High School South was built to help curb the overflow of students from the original high school, which is now known as Council Rock High School North. Now, 10 years later, CR South is hosting its anniversary celebration. 

On Friday, Oct. 12, students, teachers and staff will celebrate during the school day with several scheduled activities. Then on Saturday, Oct. 13, the community is invited to celebrate at the Fall Festival and open house, which will be held on school grounds.

To commemorate the celebration, the Art Department is orchestrating a mosaic mural project that students will work on through December, and the community will have the chance to participate at Saturday's festival.

The project's theme is "Solid Roots, Branching Out to the Future," according to a press release.

The creation will have two parts. On the left, a sturdy tree will showcase the school's strength within the community. On the right, the branches will grow out and stretch to the bright future on a background of blue and pink tones from the morning sky and green grass of Bucks County.

"The mosaic is made of thousands of multi tones tile pieces, carefully broken and calibrated in small, medium and large pieces," a press release said. "Everything is hand applied, or cut to fit, when the design demands it."

An anthracite grout will secure the design in place and a pebble border of charcoal greys will finish the outline of the design. And finally, special picture tiles that showcase "the energy and creativity of our students will be places there for posterity." 

Officers from the Art Forum, the French Honor Society and the French Club have been working to apply the design and have started tiling the project. Students and staff have also placed tiles with the guidance of the officers.

During this Saturday's Fall Festival and Open House, the community is invited to place a tile on the mosaic. The officers will guide you through the process.

The final project, which is expected to be finished sometime in December, will be 5-feet by 6-feet and 8-feet by 6-feet and will be hung in the main lobby near the executive cafe. 

The school librarian Stacy Rosenthal has been the main organizer of the anniversary celebrations, but had help planning the event from a committe, which was spearheaded by Assistant Principal Jill Shurtleff.

Friday's In-School Celebration 

During first period, which will start at 7:33 a.m., the choir will sing the Alma Mater and Happy Birthday. This will be televised so those at home can tune in and enjoy. The program will last about 10 minutes.

Class officers from each grade will then place items in the Time Capsule, which will be interred privately at a later time.

Then during periods two and three, Dr. Matt Bellace will speak about "A Better High" in the auditorium. Second period will run from 8:46 until 10:43 a.m., and classes will attend presentations by departments in the auditorium. At 8:45 a.m. English, Math, World Language, FCS and Business  will present at 8:45 a.m. and then at 9:45 a.m., Social Studies, Science, H/PE, IA Tech, Music, Art and Study Skills will present.

When students aren't attending the presentation, they will participate in "party games." Teachers will have been supplied with trivia questions about CR South and a writing activity.

During lunch, burgers and hotdogs will be served for $5 and staff and students enjoy a birthday cake dessert with lunch.


The Fall Festival and Open House

Then on Saturday, CR South will host its Fall Festival on school grounds from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The school building will be open from 12 to 2 p.m. for an open house.

The Fall Festival is a chance for students to raise money and awareness for their clubs and organizations. For example, the school orchestra will wash cars for a donation. Food and games will be available during the event.

At the open house hours, National Honors Society students will give tours of the school. Music students will also perform in the lobby during that time. 

Sharon G October 11, 2012 at 09:29 PM
Seems the dates are off in this article...Friday is Oct. 12th and Sat. is Oct. 13th


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