South Amps Up Cleaning to Avoid Impetigo Break Outs

The school district also consulted with the Bucks County Board of Health to ensure proper cleaning procedures and protocols were being followed.

To further prevent a future Impetigo break out at Council Rock South, sanitation measures will be increased throughout the school. 

"You will see an increase in the number of hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes throughout the CR South to help us keep hands and surfaces clean," Superintendent Mark Klein said in a press release.

Additionally, the district consulted with a doctor at the Bucks County Board of Health earlier this week to ensure that proper cleaning procedures and protocols were being followed at Council Rock South after seven students were diagnosed with the skin infection.

Dr. David Damsker confirmed that the school was following the proper protocols and procedures, Klein said.

"We will continue to follow those protocols to carefully clean CR South—including desk and table surfaces, bathrooms, locker rooms and showers," Klein said.

Principal Albert Funk said that the and will continue to receive extensive cleaning daily over the next several weeks to prevent further spread of the skin infection.

Athletes at CR South will continue to be screened for suspicious rashes, abrasions or cuts. Klein added that the personnel will increase their vigilance at CR North as well.

"This incident highlights the need for careful attention to cleaning, washing, and personal hygiene among our students," he said.

"Our nurses are available to students who may have rashes or abrasions to screen and potentially refer the student for a physician’s review."

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Stephen Sanderson October 10, 2012 at 12:52 AM
Impetigo definitely isn't fun to get... had it on multiple occasions. Good to see the school is taking precaution. If you do got it, stay away from antibiotics - it's horrible for you (do the research). Instead, look for alternative remedies and treatments. The website http://www.howtocureimpetigo.com is really good for that.


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