Would You Eat Horse? You Will Soon Have the Chance

U.S. slaughter plants will butcher horses for human consumption for the first time in years.

Would you eat horse? (Patch file photo)
Would you eat horse? (Patch file photo)

Horse slaughter for human consumption is about to begin again in the United States.

The ban on butchering horses was in place because Congress defunded the U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors who are needed at the processing plants, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported

Congress voted to restore that funding two years ago, but it has taken this long for appeals from the Humane Society and other groups to work their way through the system. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this month cleared the way for plants to begin processing horse for human consumption. 

Representatives for plants in New Mexico and Missouri told The Associated Press that they had horses on site awaiting the decision from the appeals court, and would begin processing the meat as soon as possible, perhaps as soon as the end of the year.

Would you eat horse?


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