Tax Bills Will Be Mailed Soon, Says Collector

Cinnaminson's tax collector Sandra Root is preparing bills this week.

Cinnaminson’s tax bills are currently being prepared and will go out to homes in the township no later than Sept. 19, said Cinnaminson tax collector.

Sandra Root said the bills are in her office and this week, she is finishing the folding and stuffing. She said she hopes to send them out by Friday, however if that deadline comes and goes, her absolute deadline is next Wednesday.

“I will work all night if I have to,” Root said. “They will be out by that day.”

The county did not approve its budget until Aug. 22, which meant .

A week later, Burlington County towns received their rates and the bills were prepared. The delay stemmed from the sale of the Buttonwood Hospital, which was finalized only a week before the budget was approved.

Residents will have until Oct. 15 to pay their bills without interest. However, the Aug. 1 deadline still stands—there’s just an extended grace period.

Interest will be charged back to Aug. 1 if residents are late with payment past the grace period.

That information—which is New Jersey’s policy, not township policy—will be stated on the tax bills, Root said.

Additionally, any 2012 balance that remains as of Nov. 11, will be subject to the tax sale lien costs. Since Nov. 11 is a holiday, the grace period for that is extended until Nov. 13. The actual due date is Nov. 1.

There are a few ways to pay your tax bill this year and online payment is becoming more popular.  is still available however paying online or directly debiting from a checking account is gaining popularity.

Residents can visit this site and add in their property information to pay their taxes online.

There is also a form (attached to the right) residents can fill out and hand into the tax collector’s office with a voided check to start directly debiting their accounts every time taxes are due.

Ric September 13, 2012 at 12:20 AM
Billy, thanks but it is not a law. I do not argue with Chrisiina, she is always right. She is also skilled at deletions. But thanks for all your suggestions.
John September 17, 2012 at 06:08 PM
So Christina, your assuming that all the townships in Burlington County did not send out there Aug 1 Tax bills b/c the County did not pass the budget, I do not think so but I am not a reporter, just a person who tries to pay his share of the tax burden....thanks
agent itchy September 17, 2012 at 07:01 PM
there are only 40 municipalities in Burlington County: 01 Bass River Twp. 02 Beverly City 03 Bordentown City 04 Bordentown Township 05 Burlington City 06 Burlington Township 07 Chesterfield Township 08 Cinnaminson Township 09 Delanco Township 10 Delran Township 11 Eastampton Township 12 Edgewater Park Township 13 Evesham Township 14 Fieldsboro Borough 15 Florence Township 16 Hainesport Township 17 Lumberton Township 18 Mansfield Township 19 Maple Shade Township 20 Medford Township 21 Medford Lakes Borough 22 Moorestown Township 23 Mount Holly Township 24 Mount Laurel Township 25 New Hanover Township 26 North Hanover Township 27 Palmyra Borough 28 Pemberton Borough 29 Pemberton Township 30 Riverside Township 31 Riverton Borough 32 Shamong Township 33 Southampton Township 34 Springfield Township 35 Tabernacle Township 36 Washington Township 37 Westampton Township 38 Willingboro Township 39 Woodland Township 40 Wrightstown Borough 449,000 people in BurlCo + only 14 towns with populations above 10,000 = high property taxes from home rule.
BUTCH September 17, 2012 at 11:27 PM
I'm assuming we can wait to pay the taxes due on 8/1/12 until we receive our new tax bill, at least I hope so.
John October 16, 2012 at 06:32 PM
@chilly, thanks for the information.....and the list, now how about telling me how many were late in sending out there tax bills....then U can tell me how many are overassessed on the value of there homes to inflate the tax bills, any idea....the key word here is MARKET VALUE not township VALUE or assessed value, get it...


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