Pole Holes Patched by Public Works

The holes dug by ATC crews have been secured by township work crews.

The empty holes left behind by ATC and its contractors on the yards of homeowners have been secured by Northampton public works crews, according township officials.

After ATC received word that Northampton Township had , the company removed it's equipment and crews leaving the holes that were meant for poles open and posing a risk to the general public.

Public works employees took to the streets and covered the holes with wood board and placed cones over top.

The fate of the holes will have to wait until the legal fight over whether or not the remaining poles can be erected in the right-of-way has been settled, township officials surmised at last week's board meeting.


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Tom Sofield May 29, 2012 at 10:39 PM
Has anyone taken it upon themselves to fill their pole hole with dirt?


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