Phone Scams on the Rise in Bucks County

The Bucks County Office of Consumer Protection reminds residents to be skeptical of phone calls from "government agencies" asking for personal information.


From the Bucks County Office of Consumer Protection:

In recent weeks, we have seen a number of fraudulent calls being made to Bucks County residents. 

Our office would like to remind all our readers that all calls to your home should be looked at with caution. 

There have been calls made by supposed government agencies like Social Security, Medicare, and Grant Offices. 

If you get a call like this, ask questions and do not give the caller any information.  Hang up and call the agency yourself with a number that you know is legitimate. 

Rarely do government agencies call consumers directly.  Most official notification comes via mail. 

Unfortunately, the mail also brings the second area of problems that we are seeing.  Bogus lotteries and fake checks are increasing at an alarming rate. 

Even though we have warned people against these scams, they continue to get victims.  These lotteries are all bogus and consumers need to throw them in the trash. 

If you get any mail referring to a lottery winning do not respond. If you respond you will get someone who will direct you to wire money for a number of fees or bogus taxes.  Some even send checks to cover the costs; they look real but they are counterfeit and if you deposit them in your account they will bounce.  Your bank will hold you personally liable for the check. 

The reality is that consumers are falling victim to these scams and are left with no money and no recourse.  It is almost impossible to track these scammers down. 

We are asking everyone to use caution when responding to calls, emails and postal deliveries.  We are certainly not trying to scare anyone, but the fact is, people are continuing to fall victim. 

If you or someone you know encounters something you feel is not real, please call Bucks County consumer protection at 1-800-942-2669 to discuss options or plans.


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