Northampton Twp Votes for Romney in 2012 Election

Residents of Northampton Township voted for Mitt Romney and other republican on Nov. 6, according to results posted on Bucks County's website.

Northampton Township voters, according to results on Bucks County's website.

Romney won by a margin of 3,468 votes in Northampton Township.

Voters in the 18 districts throughout the township cast 12,972 votes (57.1 percent) for Romney, while 9,504 votes (41.9 percent) were cast for President Barack Obama.

Northampton also voted Republican for U.S. Senator, Attorney General, Auditor General, State Treasurer, Representative in Congress and Representative in the General Assembly (although state assembly was an uncontested race).

Out of the 18 districts, only district 10 voted for President Obama. District 10, 15 and 16 voted Democrat for Senator; districts 10, 11 and 16 voted Democrat for Attorney General and 10 and 16 voted Democrat for Treasurer. Republican candidates won in all other districts throughout the area.

Of the candidates that Northampton Township voted for, only two won their races in Bucks County. Mike Fitzpatrick was re-elected to Congress, and Scott Petri, who was uncontested, was re-elected to the state assembly.

In 2008, the township also voted for Republican candidate Sen. John McCain, who lost the General Election to Barack Obama.


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