No Tax Increases for $28 Million 2013 Budget

The Board of Supervisors passed the Northampton Township's 2013 budget Wednesday night in a unanimous vote. They also announced and awarded the Council Rock School District elementary school students 29th annual Fire Safety in the Home essay winner

The Northampton Township Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a $28 million budget for 2013 Wednesday evening.

The spending plan covers operating, capital and trust funds for the township. There were no increases in taxes, no employee layoffs and no service cuts.

Supervisor George Komelasky approved of the bill but still noted financial issues the township faces, which are not unlike the federal government. He said that while there were no tax increases and services and jobs are intact, there is still a deficit of more than $400,000 due to spending rates that are consistently higher than revenue.

“This is the same problem we have in Washington,” Komelasky said. “We’re still in a position where our expenditures exceed revenue.”

Komelasky suggested consideration for a $25 rebate to residents in regards to trash fees, however that was shelved for the time being. The new budget, which needed to be adopted by Dec. 31, 2012, was approved by the Board in a 5 to 0 vote.

In addition, the Board recognized many individuals at the meeting. Among those honored were the recipients of the 29th annual Council Rock School Board and Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters Society’s (CPCU) Fire Safety in the Home essay award.

Council Rock elementary school students in first through fifth grade had the opportunity to compete for cash prizes, a plaque and movie tickets. The 12 winners consisted of nine Northampton residents and three Newtown residents from Churchville, Welch, Hillcrest, Sol Feinstone, Newtown, Rolling Hills and Goodnoe Elementary schools.

The awards were presented by Rep. Scott Petri (R-178) standing in for Representative Steve Santarsiero (D-31); Newtown Twp. Fire Chief Glenn Forsyth; legislative aid Anthony Pontarelli, standing in for Rep. Mike FitzPatrick (R-PA); Board Supervisor George Komelasky, standing in for State Senators Tommy Tomlinson (R-6) and Chuck McIlhinney (R-10), and  Larry White from the Philadelphia Chapter of CPCU.

Meeting minutes, budget updates and other information can be found on the township website.


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