Meet Kimberly Rose, New Northampton Supervisors Chair

Patch had a chance to ask the newly-appointed supervisors chairwoman a few questions about her goals and vision for Northampton. Here's what she had to say:

Northampton Patch caught up with Kimberly Rose, the newly-appointed chairwomen of the township Board of Supervisors.

Rose, who has lived in the township for 20 years, is the second woman to lead the governing body in its 291-year history. She is a chiropractor and teacher of "Seniorcize" Northampton Senior Center.

We had a chance to ask her a few questions about her goals as chairwoman and her vision for Northampton. Here's what she had to say:

What are your priorities for Northampton as the new chair?       

My priorities  are first and foremost to continue the open and transparent delivery of services and accountancy that our prior Chairman Frank Rothermel and Vice Chair Jim Cunningham have brought to the township. Some examples are being able to see the televised meetings of the Northampton Bucks County Municipal Authority and making sure our residents get to voice their concerns at the beginning and end of our Board of Supervisors meetings. I want to encourage smart, community friendly development, be frugal with our residents hard earned tax dollars and ompetitively bid all projects even when not required by PA law.

How did you become interested in local politics?                

When I was in high school I had aspirations of becoming a judge. I was a political science major for three years before deciding to become a chiropractor. I attended a school whose philosophy was "to love, to serve, and to give." I try to live my life by this. My son was getting ready for college and I was about to become an empty nester. I have always been a room mother, team doctor, religious education teacher or general volunteer in our community. All of a sudden that part of my life was ending. A friend suggested running for supervisor. I started there. I'm still taking care of my community plus I went back to my first love -- government and its workings.

Why would you encourage your neighbors in Northampton to become involved in local issues?                                   

Because input from our community is a welcome ingredient in making Northampton a better place to live, work, retire and raise families. I do listen to what our residents say. I have made a commitment to cooperation and listening .People need to care about the decisions we make, after all we work for our residents!

You are the second woman chair ever appointed on the Board of Supervisors. Are you inspired by other women leaders and if so who? 

The people in my life are who inspire me. My mother and grandmother taught me to always keep family first. I learned by example how to be a wife and mother. My Italian grandmother taught me how to cook. I believe that family meals keep families together and improves communication within it. My dad helped me to believe in myself. He taught me that it did not matter if you were a man or woman, it mattered how hard you worked and how much you cared about the people around you.

How should residents reach out to you if they have a question, comment or suggestion?                                                     

The residents can email me at krose@northamptontownship.com. If you are a member of the Senior Center then you know I am always around! Come and see me on Mondays and Thursdays after Seniorcize class. I've been there for 14 years. I frequent our local stores and businesses. Feel free to stop me and introduce yourself. I look forward to meeting you!


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