Firefighters Graduate from Public Safety Training Center

More than 65 firefighters earned a Firefighter Level One certification from Bucks County Community College.

The Bucks County Public Safety Training Center, which is administered by , held a graduation ceremony Wednesday, Aug. 8, for 65 students who earned Firefighter Level One certification.

The firefighters represented volunteer companies from throughout Bucks County and the state. Two were selected for the Outstanding Student Award: Joseph W. Adams of the Chalfont Fire Company, and Thomas D. Kidd of the Bloomfield Fire Company in Perry County, Pa.

In addition, Dr. James J. Linksz, who is as president of Bucks County Community College, was honored for his dedication to public safety training with an honorary Fire Company Officer Four certification. Linksz thanked the firefighters for their commitment to public service and their passion for volunteerism.

Bucks County Community College trains more than 70,000 first responders each year at Public Safety Training Centers in Doylestown and Bristol. The college also conducts training for the Department of Defense throughout the U.S. and in overseas nations including Japan, Korea, Germany, Turkey, and Ecuador.

Summer Class Graduates:

Todd E. Bean
Matthew S. Bertrand
Garrick Borascius
Thomas D. Brown Jr
Alex R. Dixon
Joshua M. Ehrhorn
Todd A. Gardner
Gerard Grindrod
Kyle J. Heicklen
Carl Herr
Reed A. Hills
Douglas Histand
Kenneth E. Hohn
Kevin R. Jurgelewicz
Brendan Kern
Thomas D. Kidd
Thomas W. King
Paul Lancos
Christopher Logan
Ryan J. Marsh
Mary T. Newell
Christopher J. Oberholzer
Maxwell A. Paine
Kayla Prajzner
Evan Reed
Timothy J. Rihl
Daniel J. Sheridan
Alec M. Smilowski
Scott A. Stieritz
Ashley Therien
Terry L.K. Warner
Aaron Westra
Marshall D. Whinney
Mark Wilson
Emad M. Wissa
Fady Wissa
Julie Wood


Saturday Class Graduates:

Joseph W Adams
Jesse T. Balasco
Jesse M. Beale
James A. Bernasconi
Jason M. Boucher
Henry D. Cochran
Josiah A. Denis
Eduard H. Fried
Adam J. Friedman
Connor A. Griffin
Dustin J. Hallenbeck
James R. Hilton
Spencer Imhoff
Lauren A. Jones
Anthony Mancini
John McGowan
Michael D. Meisner
Courtney L. Nelson
Nathan D. Nelson
James J. Price, IIII
Mark Read
Alison R. Robertson
Matthew J. Sullivan
Andrew C. Trumbour
Richard B. Wathey
Rebecca L. Werkheiser
Scott P. Wilson
Michael A. Wombwell


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