Board Approves Money-Saving Actions

The bidding process has literally paid off for the township.

Northampton Supervisors voted at their meeting on March 28 to approve several items that would save the township – and its residents – money over time.

The board unanimously approved a new contract with Waste Management for disposal for solid waste for the township. Its bids, at $36.85/ton for the next three years and slightly more the following two years, would save the township roughly $101,000 over the next five years.

Supervisor Kimberly Rose said that's a savings of roughly 13 percent.

They will also begin advertisement of a DEP-mandated stormwater management ordinance amendment that would allow new projects under 1,000 square feet to be exempt from "best management practices."

Therefore, residents constructing new structures with square footage under that amount would not have to follow the same tedious guidelines and pay fees that those properties above that size would. The township had requested an exemption in , but needed to pass its own official ordinance for it to take effect.

After many complaints, the state announced that they would permit that exemption. The board will hold a public hearing during their next meeting after the amendment has been advertised.

Finally, the board approved bids for purchasing road materials, sign materials and posts. For most materials they had several bidders and chose the lowest bids for those items.


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