After Split Vote, Police Admin Gets Township Car

Substantial revenue can allow Mickey King, the public safety director, to use a township-issued car—not just for emergencies.

members were split Monday night over the decision to issue a company car to Public Safety Director Michael P. King. But in the end, the top police administrator will get one.

Committeeman John Rooney, who is the liaison to the , said revenue is up nearly 75 percent over last year and it won’t cost more than $5,000 for King to have the car.

Or else, Rooney said, he’d pay the overage out of his own pocket.

“Our accolades for [King] have just been absolutely beyond words,” Rooney said.

The praise for King didn’t stop with Rooney; all township committee members agreed he’s turned the police department around, however some were unsure if changing township policy to allow the car was the way to go.

Deputy Mayor Anthony Minniti was skeptical about the vehicle issuance saying, “I can easily say yes as easily as I could say no.”

“The next clamoring is why are we buying cars instead of cops,” said Minniti, admitting the backlash from the public could be substantial.

Rooney said there is already a car available for King, and George Haeuber, interim township administrator, said the only extra costs would be gas and maintenance.

Committeewoman Kathy Fitzpatrick wanted to see more hard numbers before voting one way or the other. Fitzpatrick abstained from the final vote.

Committeeman Ben Young said he didn’t have a problem with King having a car but questioned the departure from policy.

Mayor Don Brauckmann said the issue “is not as easy as it sounds.”

“I have a tough time drawing the line from one employee to another when it comes to this benefit,” Brauckmann said.

Currently, township committee members are interviewing for a new administrator, but the idea of a company car had not yet been discussed, according to Fitzpatrick.

Rooney called the issuance of the car “appropriate” for King and that “he’s earned it.”

King after the .

Lt. Tim Young, who was present at the committee meeting, told members he doesn’t “have a bad word to say” about King.

Rooney brought up the idea for King to have a company car initially since King is needed in the township way beyond the normal 9-to-5 schedule.

King said it would make his life easier and his job “more effective” and “more efficient.”

“I’m coming (for emergencies) whether you give me a car or not,” King said.

The vote passed 3-1 with one abstention from Fitzpatrick. Brauckmann voted no.

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JS August 12, 2012 at 12:33 PM
Seriously, Ed Jenkins?? "...stick to baking your cookies"??? I agree with everything you said regarding the abstention, but throwing that comment into the mix just denigrates your points. If it were a man that abstained, would you have told him to "stick to cleaning your tools/watching your sports/hanging in your man-cave", or any other gender-based comment?
John Obuchowski August 14, 2012 at 02:53 AM
Christina, A new Dodge Charger is a reliable car that can go from point A to B. A "Used Taxi" as I was issued in the 80's was a "Tow Job". I carried a large "Fire Extingusher", not for public safety, but mine. At that time, I was Second in Command on call 24/7. How degrading, being called out at 2:00am & towed 2:15am., more times than I can remember. The retired members refer to that as the "Dark Ages" Are we still in the "Dark Ages" ? When your out at night, see how many Verizon, Comcast, Fire, EMS,EM, PS&G, Maint., NJSP, Prosecutors, Investigators, and other corporation & executive vehicles are parked in town on call 24/7. Our Township Committee hired Dir. (Chief) King to be the "Top Boss" of the CPD. He is our Director of the CPD. The Twp. buys cars, eguipment, & gasoline on State contract prices w/o tax, and are self insured. I hope I never see any representative of this Twp. on National TV, AOL, Patch, Facebook , etc. looking like they just got out of a trash dumpster. Sorry, if I offend anyone, I lived in the "Dark Ages" I know better. It's time for the residents, business owners & Twp. Committee to stop the 180 issue of "I was hoodwinked, I didn't know, mislead" I personally agree with the members of the township Commitee that voted yes to give Director King who as the leader of the CPD is on call 24-7 and should have a reliable vehicle.I know I've been there !
Community Service, Job 1 September 06, 2012 at 07:08 PM
Roger, it apears that you are the only one who gets it. Mr. King must travel to Cinnaminson outside if his daily work schedule for Events, Town and Police Emergencies, Storms, ect. During Irene was in the EOC Command Post, many only got four hours sleep in two days so that the residents could be safe and home waiting it out. Some have everything to say, but provide no community service. Opinions do not get anything accomplished, cooperation, and assistance does. Mr King is a professional and very polished individual, for the $80.000 we are paying him, he should have a vehicle assigned to him. A person of his calaber is easly worth $125.000 plus. It is proper to absain if you don't have all the facts to make a decision, Why vote "yes or no" when you don't have the facts?
Ric September 06, 2012 at 07:50 PM
@community service. I really think you are lowballing Mr. King's worth. $80,000 or $125,000 is chump change after I read your words. Why I think we should be paying the man ten million dollars a year. I cannot believe he accepted $80,000. He also should have a private helicopter with pilot on duty 24 hours a day.
Community Service, Job 1 September 07, 2012 at 02:22 PM
We elect them to run the town, to the best of thier abilities. Public office is a thankless job. You can rarely satisfy everyone. I you were at your job and you were continutly beat up for you decissions or not popular votes it would harrassment or bullying. The committee or any committee can not vote the way you think they should all the time. We should manage with out best judgement, and go withthe facts we have. Could you imagine if the public having to vote on every issue, what a circus that would be.


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