Troopers Fight Speeders from Above

Fastest vehicle clocked at 95 mph on I-95.

The following information was provided by the

On Jan. 30-31, state police conducted a State Police Aerial Reconnaissance and Enforcement Program (Operation SPARE) on I-95 in Middletown.

Using a police helicopter and patrol vehicles, 26 vehicles were stopped resulting in 35 citations and two written warnings being issued over the two day-period.

Police said the highest speed recorded was 95.8 mph.

Eric S February 04, 2012 at 01:07 AM
I'm going with the assumption your joking, because if your serious then I'll say that is an absurd idea. The idea of speeding tickets, and driving laws in general, is primarily to keep everything flowing. I drive 60, you drive 90 and John Doe drives 70. Clogs and confusion. You drive 70, Joe drive 65 and I do 60 and we have flow. Your also not taking into account how the money flows, particularly on the Interstates. The feds control the money and own the road but the individual states manage the road. When the feds say ", PA roads are unsafe due to excessive speed.....slow down or lose funding.", PA enforces the speeds and other violations. And even if your idea had merit, how do you propose we weed out the arrogant and unskilled from driving faster than their abilities or the abilities of their vehicles? In the end your proposing a system that is meant to cause less governmental oversight but is sure to increase it. How about this for an idea to keep thier hands out of your pocket.....slow down a bit and drive like other people are on the road with you. Good old personal responsibility, common sense and mutual respect for other drivers. Problem solved.
Eric S February 04, 2012 at 01:20 AM
I'm going to propose a different opinion on that. They aren't able to watch everything. Want proof? Just ask yourself why we still have so many people doing irrational, dangerous and plain old stupid things on the road. As for the EZPass notion, that was done in the beginning but dropped due to citizen outrage. And your car only has those devices if you allow them to be there. Scrap that GPS and learn how to use a map. Turn off the phone with the technology you not only asked for, but bought as well. Satellite radio? Really? You don't think Howard Stern will be back on the air if Sirus goes away? We'll get along find with FM/AM/CDs. BTW, when I used the word "you", don't take it personal. It's meant to the universal "you"......sort of the same way we tend to use "they" when we mean someone else. People laugh at my 8 y.o. phone....not even able to take pictures. Impossible to track me too, the technology is too old. I'm not beating them with new stuff they already figured out, I'm beating them with old stuff they forgot about.
zel February 04, 2012 at 02:01 AM
I'll continue to drive 70-75 on 95 in the left lane with the majority of traffic. I have been for years and drive that way 3-4 times a week. I havent gotten a speeding ticket in 15 years on 95. I'm well aware of all their hiding spots and also use technology to (try) and stay a step ahead of the super troopers. My rant above was in jest, but I stand by my general opinion that the speed limits, especially on that stretch of 95 from Street Rd, and North are simply outdated. But, why raise the limit, when its so easy to collect a "speeding tax".
Eric S February 04, 2012 at 03:16 AM
That is the general speed I drive as well on 95. I deem it unsafe to go slower given the flow in in that speed range. Personally I'd like to see the speed raised to 70 because that is a speed that works well for most drivers. Our cars tend to be capable of that speed and most drivers can handle that speed. Those who can't can't handle any speed. Yeah, I know their spots too. Very predictable, yet still they do a booming business. I'm glad your post was tongue-in-cheek, and I think we're in agreement...the speed limit is too low and is contributing to the overall rate of violations. Now, since we both have this opinion it's time we contact our state and congressional representatives and tell them what we think. Hey, and thanks for being civil, it makes getting ideas through an easier task.
pjw September 26, 2012 at 09:35 PM
All you A holes that want to go faster.Read this ! Statistics show that you get better gas milage doing the speed limit .The speed limit was formulated by a cars weight and engine design such as horsepower and torque by engineers . But my biggest gripe I have is all you a-hole speeders are threatning my life and the life of others on the road. But most of you are ignorant and self centered . The last speeder that pulled a wild manuver on the highway I found around the next bend upside down in a ditch so I tooted the horn waved and drove on by. Think I was stopping and offering help your kidding . You get what you deserve


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