63 Accidents, 13 Injuries in January, Police Report

Of the 63 crashes reported last month, one was related to a DUI and 12 were weather-related, Northampton Township Police Chief Barry Pilla said.

Northampton Township Police Department responded to 63 traffic accidents in January, according to information provided by chief Barry Pilla.

There were 13 injuries related to traffic accidents reported, according to police data.

Of the 63 crashes reported last month, one was related to a DUI and 12 were weather-related. Officers responded to 11 accidents within one hour during a snow and ice storm on Jan. 21.

There were 360 traffic citations and written warnings, Pilla said. 

Last January, police responded to 60 traffic accidents. The monthly average of car accidents in Northampton Township in 2012 was approximately 53.

Pilla announced there is a new process in place for crash reports with the goal of increasing the quality and uniformity. "This is being instituted simultaneously with the introduction of the new procedure for crash report retrieval through Carfax," Pilla said. "This procedure will make obtaining a copy of a crash report much easier for the parties involved and provide our crash investigators valuable crash data from across our region."


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