Suspected Drunk Driver Causes 2-Car Crash

A recent police blotter detailed a DUI-related car accident in Holland.

Northampton Township Police reported to a two car accident at the intersection of Buck Road and West Village Road on Sunday, Sept. 2 that may have been caused by a drunk driver, according to police reports.

Police arrived at the scene of the two-vehicle traffic crash at 7:40 p.m. On arrival they found that a vehicle that had been traveling north on Buck Road entered into the left turn lane and stopped at a traffic light to turn onto West Village Road. A southbound vehicle ran the red light, crossed into the left turn lane and struck the stopped vehicle, police reports said.

Both the driver of the southbound vehicle—Michael Milgram, 39, of Bensalem— and a passenger in the vehicle he struck sustained minor injuries.

Milgram was given a series of field dexterity tests, which he failed to successfully complete, police said. He was taken into custody on suspicion of having been driving while under the influence.

He was transported to the Saint Mary Medical Center where he was treated for his minor injury. At that time, samples of his blood were taken for analysis.

Milgram was then brought to Northampton Township Police Department for processing before being released. Charges relating to DUI are pending the lab report.


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