Scouts Search for Missing Man, No Clues Found

Members of Troop 99 and volunteers searched Tyler Park, Newtown Borough and the Village at Newtown Shopping Center but had no success finding Michael Naylon.

Seven local Boy Scouts and as many adults searched Tuesday for Michael Naylon, the local man who has been missing for nearly two weeks. According to troop leaders, despite looking throughout the area, the searches came up empty.

Members of Troop 99 and volunteers searched Tyler State Park, Newtown Borough, the Village at Newtown Shopping Center, the abandoned houses across from the shopping center and surrounding neighborhoods but had no success finding Naylon.

Naylon's family last saw him Friday, Sept. 28, when he left the house and walked down Route 413 towards Newtown from Worthington Mill Road. He was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans at the time he left, his daughter Megan said. 

According to his family, Naylon, 65, may be disoriented due to a stroke.

Searches over the weekend were also fruitless. According to Megan, search dogs were sent out in Tyler State Park and throughout town on Saturday and Sunday. The last time someone reported seeing Naylon was Friday evening at Tyler State Park.

Megan said she believes her father had a stroke while walking on Route 413 and it caused him to become disoriented. He has had four strokes in the past, she said, and two of those strokes caused him to become confused and disoriented. The other two times he made it to the hospital in time. 

“He had a stroke before and walked from Penndel to Bristol,” she said, adding he followed familiar landmarks he recognized from growing up in that area.

He is 5 feet, 9 inches, about 170 pounds, he daughter said. He has grey hair, brown eyes and tattoos on his arms and left shoulder blade.

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