Residents Try to Stop Vehicles from Speeding

Residents on Old Jordan Road have taken speeding matters in to their own hands by standing outside with signs asking drivers to slow down.

Residents near in Holland are trying to slow down drivers on Old Jordan Road.

A driver reached out to Northampton Patch on Facebook and said that on Saturday, Aug. 18, several people were standing at the end of a driveway near the elementary school holding signs that read "slow down" in a 25 MPH zone. The driver, Chrissy Beato Albaladejo, said she was driving between 25 and 30 MPH when two adults jumped into the street.

"The adults jumped out into the street and started taking video of my car with their phones and almost cause[d] me to swerve and crash," Albaladejo posted on Facebook. "I understand the need for pedestrians to be aware of speeding cars in their neighborhood, but this incident could have caused an accident."

Albaladejo called the police, who were then dispatched to a road hazard on Old Jordan Road.

Police Chief Barry Pilla told Patch that when a police arrived to the 1100 block of Old Jordan Road he found three plastic signs in the middle of the road way.

"It appears that a resident decided to attempt to slow down traffic," Pilla said. "The signs were removed from the roadway and the person responsible was told not to place any more signs in the roadway."

The officer addressed the resident concerns about speeding vehicles on the road, and explained that Old Jordan Road is on the police department's regularly monitored "Selected Traffic Enforcement D-Run" list.

The resident requested that a portable radar unit be placed on the road, and the officer said the request would be forwarded to the appropriate office.

A slow down sign was also placed on the resident's front lawn.

"If someone is speeding," Albaladejo suggested that people just call the cops if someone is speeding instead of "jumping out into the street taking video or pics of a moving car, speeding or not."

"Don't take the law into your own hands," she said.

If you have a non-emergency traffic concern, report it to the Northampton Township Police Department.

Beacon Hill August 27, 2012 at 12:01 PM
These people should be cited. They are not the police. Makes me want to purposefully speed there
michelle August 27, 2012 at 12:38 PM
It's like a speedway and its often likely the ones on ur bumper are headed right into Tapestry
Eric S August 27, 2012 at 02:43 PM
While I fully understand the resident's concern and anger, attempting to slow down vehicles on their own isn't a good idea. First, they better be sure a car is actually speeding. Then they better hope the driver doesn't become aggressive. And as for video taping the events, PA is a two party consent state for audio recording. Any such recording can be met with criminal charges. A small town in Florida had the best signage I've ever seen to reduce speeding. It was simply "Dont even think of speeding here" along with the posted limit and followed by "Biscayne Park PD." It worked. That little town tucked away near Miami (a notoriously agressive place to drive) had the calmest traffic in Dade County. Of course they meant it too. No breaks, speed there and your getting a ticket.
Ann ounamous August 27, 2012 at 02:50 PM
The people who jump out into the street are crazy. Old jordan may b pretty bad, but there is a cop sitting on it every time I'm on it. What about west village? Have u ever seen anyone do less then 35 on it?? Even residence and people using that shortcut to middle holland. People are nuts these days and need to b hospitalized!
Eric S August 27, 2012 at 07:47 PM
The crazy traffic that has become Northampton over the last 10 years is part of why I'm leaving. The supervisors allowed rampant building/development to increase the tax base while not being able to do a thing about the roads serving those new developments. So we have severe overcrowding....counter to the reason I moved here almost 20 years ago. In 4 weeks I'll be on 5 acres in Wisconsin 60 miles from any city (Green Bay) and 5 miles from town (pop. 986). No more crowds, no more traffic. Northampton has gone downhill, traffic is one of the symptoms. Crime is increasing, as is drug use/dealing. I do not fualt the police for this, I fault the supervisors for accepting development against the wishes of residents. South could have been built on free land (Warminster Air Base) at the other side of the district. Instead they condemned a beautiful working farm....then screwed the deal up by building homes counter to the agreement (and the resulting lawsuit)......and caused yet more overcrowded roads.
Barb Nash Hummer August 29, 2012 at 05:49 AM
If we had police presence on LOWER HOLLAND RD issuing citations to those who disregard the speed limit posted, our township would never have to raise taxes again! Some days, no, most days, Lower Holland seems like a raceway.
J August 30, 2012 at 01:29 PM
I agree with your post. Wish I could move, house won't sell. The area has too many Russians who have no parental ethics or values. They fail to realize we do not condone our children smoking, drinking and doing drugs and dressing like their hookers. In addition many divorcees from Philadelphia who have brought in the rap influence. This combined makes it a very unhealthy place to raise a child. The township turns their head the other way. When I spoke with the HS guidance counselor and others they say it is a very few. Come on, we can all read the local newspaper and see all the underage citations, how many kids are put into juvi, how many drug busts and not to mention they are having more DUIS and accidents as result of underage drinking. I can't even fathom the parents buying these teens new cars when they are not working, quit college etc. Stay up all night sleep all day. No one cares, I've never seen anything like it! I can't wait to move out of the area. I wish they would be much stricter with the teenagers. Curfews would be great, fines imposed anything to make it difficult to let your teen run wild.
Eric S August 30, 2012 at 08:37 PM
@ J: I have the good fortune of being able to move and am doing so in exactly 4 weeks. 5 acres and a nice house in Wisconsin 60 miles above Green Bay and 5 miles outside the town of less than 1000. I'm on a gravel road with no other houses and the road ends at a lake. There is no boat access to the lake from there so there will seldom be anyone driving back there. The only traffic light for a 60 mile radius is the one in the center of town.


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