Number of Car Accidents Decrease in Northampton

The number of traffic accidents throughout Northampton Township continues to drop, according to information provided by the police department.

The number of accidents throughout Northampton Township dropped in November, according to data released by the police department.

Compared to data from 2011, there were five fewer accidents in November. 52 traffic accidents were reported in the township in Nov. 2012. Of those accidents, one was attributed to the snow that fell during the month.

Nearly eight injuries were a result of the traffic accidents, but no fatal crashes occurred in November.

The highest crash area from January to November 2012 took place in police reporting area 109, which includes Route 232 from Almshouse Road south to Tanyard Road; west to Hatboro Road; north to Almshouse Road; east to Route 232.

Police said the most frequent violations in November were for careless driving, driving at a safe speed, limitations on backing, following too closely and stop sign violations.

"These violations are generally associated with motorists failing to drive defensively or with [courtesy] towards other motorists," Chief Barry Pilla said. "When motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians are courteous towards one another traffic crashes are substantially reduced."

Number of Reported Crashes from 2009 to 2012






Crashes Jan - Nov





Monthly Average





Number of Injuries Resulting from Crashes from 2009 to 2012

2009 2010 2011 2012 Injuries Jan. to Nov. 106 127 123 84 Monthly Average 10 12 11 7.6


In order to keep these numbers from increasing, the police department reminds the community to "always drive defensively" and always buckle up.


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