Northampton Township Police Chief to Retire

Chief M. Barry Pilla, Jr. says he will step down as of July 1.

Northampton Township Police Chief M. Barry Pilla, Jr. will step down as of July 1 according to a written statement he issued Monday. 

Pilla said Lieutenant Mike Clark, as second in command, will assume command of the Police Department on June 30. 

"It has been my sincere privilege to serve the majority of my chosen profession of 40 plus years with the Northampton Township Police Department in the service of our great community," Pilla said.

"I truly don't have the words to state how proud I am for what [the township's law enforcement professionals] have accomplished and do every single day to protect us...My pride in being a very small part of the success of our Police Department and a member of the finest profession is something that will stay with me for the remainder of my life," he said.

Pilla has served either his country or his community—or both—since he left college 45 years ago in 1968, he said.

"My only wish is success and safe passage for the members of the Northampton Township Police Department and all of my brothers and sisters in law enforcement as they move safely through their career to their own retirement day.  

Frank May 14, 2013 at 07:41 PM
I wish Chief Pilla continued success in life as he passes on to retirement. It sounds like he had some good ideas and managed a good department. 40 years though is a long time. Any time I've ever had dealings with his officers they always are professional. I'm familiar with some other departments in the area in Montgomery & Bucks that have hired outside chiefs and seem to be happy. I don't know this Mike Clark or what his record is, but if he has been there for a long time it may be time to explore new options. I hope the Board of Supervisors continue on with their practice of full disclosure and transparency and open the chiefs position up to outside candidates. Don't just give a position like that to the next in line based on favoritism and convenience. There are many police leaders out there that may have new ideas and better ways to manage a department like that. Whoever takes over I wish them good luck.


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