House and Home Goes to the Dogs

Homemade treats and fun for Fido!

Because I’m just days away from having my first baby, I am acutely aware of how much I need to shower my two dogs, Molson and Karma, with as much love and affection as I can. (Although I have no intentions of forgetting about them when the baby is here, I know the next few weeks will be hectic and harried and I just want my special fluff balls to remember that I’ll always be their Mommy, too!)

So my Pinterest focus for this week has gone to the dogs. I’ve got treats and tactics to provide endless hours of pleasure and fun for your four-legged best buds.

Make your own dog treats – Don your apron and try a couple of these recipes for homemade dog treats, like Carob Molasses, Cheesy Dog Biscuits. If you really want to get fancy, decorate! Just be sure to avoid human-food ingredients that are toxic to dogs, like Xylitol, grapes and raisins.

Doggie ice cream pops – This simple, safe recipe calls for just four ingredients: yogurt, peanut butter, banana baby food and honey. Freeze in small cups, with a dog bone treat as the Popsicle “stick.” Don’t forget to peel away the paper cup before giving to your dogs!

Fleece pull toy – I bet you have some fleece scraps leftover from making one of those no-sew fleece blankets, right? Grab a pair of scissors and cut some strips, weave or braid them together, and voila! You have your dog’s new favorite toy. I made my dogs one for Christmas last year, and Karma totes it around the house like a drooly security blanket.

Dog ice treat – I love this simple idea for freezing some of your pet’s (waterproof) toys in a giant block of ice, especially given the hot summer we’ve been having. Just fill a freezer-safe container with water, drop in some of those toys and freeze. Note: The bigger the container, the longer it will take to freeze solid.

Homemade dog shampoo – Okay, your dog probably hates bath time no matter what. But you’ll enjoy it more with your own homemade shampoo. Start with Dawn or Ivory, add water, apple cider vinegar and glycerine. I’d add a few drops of essential oil like lavender or lemongrass, to keep him smelling fresh long after the bath.

Shawnee July 30, 2012 at 02:22 PM
Could you supply the recipes? Thanks!
Sarah Cocchimiglio July 30, 2012 at 02:46 PM
Click on the links in the article. When the Pinterest "pin" loads, click on the image. It will take you to the blog or other Internet site where recipes or instructions are hosted.


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