Trick-or-Treat Activities Postponed Until Wednesday Nov. 7

The township has decided to step in and assist the community in rescheduling Halloween activities.

Northampton Township's Halloween trick-or-treat activities have been postponed until Wednesday, Nov. 7, according to the township.

Since PECO is still estimating that 70 percent of homes in the township are without power, and many areas have not been cleaned up yet, trick-or-treating should be postponed, a message on the township's website explained. 

"Many areas have trees lying against power lines, and dangling transformers that PECO crews have yet to reach. PECO estimates that power may not be restored to many homes until midnight Friday. Some residents may not have power until after the weekend," the message said.

Trick-or-treating in this situation would be unsafe.

"With many neighborhoods without street lights to begin with and now no or little accessory lighting available by our homeowners, it creates an unacceptable hazard for our Trick-or-Treaters, especially the younger ones but also the older children who otherwise often move across unlit yards which are now strewn with tree debris that poses unacceptable tripping hazards," Supervisor and Vice Chairman James Cunningham said.

Though the roads are now passable in the township, the Public Works Department hasn't been able to clean up all of the downed trees and debris caused by Hurricane Sandy. The hope is that by next week, the township will be in better shape.

Trick-or-treating was going to be rescheduled for Saturday, Nov. 3, but due to a sporting events conflict, the township has made Wednesday, Nov. 7 the new date.

Read the full release from the township here.


Laura D November 07, 2012 at 03:26 PM
So now another storm is due when are kids are scheduled to trick or treat. Any word on any plans????


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