Warminster Mother and Daughter Launch Bucks County Job Board

Jennifer Schultz and her 17-year-old daughter, Ashley, have launched Recruitment Queen.com, a local job search website.

The following story was submitted to Patch by local business Recruitment Queen:

Jennifer Schultz is all about finding good matches. Whether it was helping a customer find the best-fitting pair of shoes, or, for the last 15 years pairing employers with the most effective ways to reach their prospective candidates, she has been a long-time matchmaker of sorts.

Earlier this year, Schultz, of Warminster, with help from her 17-year-old daughter, Ashley, a senior at William Tennent High School, took her matchmaking skills to the next level with the launch of www.recruitmentqueen.com.

The Bucks County job board is focused on local employers and job seekers and offers cutting edge job-matching technology and targeted network distribution powered by RealMatch.

“It kind of works like a dating Web site,” said Schultz, Recruitment Queen CEO and queen bee. “We’re trying to actually match the job with the candidate.”

Job-seekers fill out a skills assessment as part of the application process, Schultz said.

“It weeds out those people who really don’t qualify for the position,” she said. “You won’t have a welder trying to apply for a nursing position. Believe me, I’ve seen that.”

Candidates are graded by how well they match. Great matches, for instance, receive a score of between 80 and 100, while those who are “somewhat of a good match” rank in the 70 to 79 percent range, she said. Employers can easily see which applicants are the best matches, which helps to speed up the hiring process.

Although the site is hyper-focused on Bucks County, jobs are shared among the RQ Talent Network and on the TheJobNetwork; the largest recruitment ad network of job sites in North America. In all, Schultz said jobs are shared with as many as 40 other websites within the local market and to more than 1,300 sites nationally.

Schultz got the idea for the site about five years ago while working as a recruitment advertising specialist at a local newspaper, but ignored the urge to set out on her own until recently.

“It was just something that was driving me to do it and it just kept speaking to me,” Schultz said, adding that the down economy and droves of people looking for work added fuel to her fire. “If I was going to create my own company it had to be something I loved. It had to be something that I thought I could make a difference and help people.”

For her part, Ashley, the site’s social media and outreach coordinator, is trying to reach fellow teens and pique their interest in the job search and application process. She’s taking to Facebook and Twitter and has built up several hundred followers in roughly three months’ time.

“It’s cool. It’s fun,” said Ashley, of working with her mother. “It’s definitely different because teenagers and moms don’t always get along.”

Schultz said Ashley has been a buzzing bee in her business venture, traveling to New York for business development meetings and creating bee candy for her mother to take along to business meetings.

“She takes a leadership role in everything she does. She was involved basically from the beginning,” Schultz said. “She was someone who was great for me because when you have your daughter you have all sorts of bonds. What a great opportunity for her to learn all different aspects of the business.”


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